180 Proof Bangalore

180 Proof is one of the celebrated bars and pubs in Bangalore which is situated in the heart of the city of Bangalore. People of all ages love to visit this bar and pub all throughout the year.

In 180 Proof, Bangalore is popular for its night party .You can find the party hoppers in this pub at all times. This pub is very roomy. It is infact one of the spacious pubs in the city of Bangalore. The crowds of this pub consist of both university students and office goers. Though the bar is spacious yet it always remains crowded with visitors. The 180 Proof, Bangalore offers informal sitting arrangements for its visitors. You can find people relaxing out here. Visitors arrive early and stay till late night in this joyous and happening 180 Proof, Bangalore. So, it is always advisable to arrive early in this pub if you want to have a seat. The Djs of this 180 Proof, Bangalore often bolts out some heart throbbing music for its visitors regularly.

The ambience of the 180 Proof, Bangalore is both joyous and happening. The interior of the bar is well decorated. The first eye catching thing in this bar is its gigantic staircase found inside the bar. The visitors can also find sofas in the downstairs which are very soft and spacious. The pub itself is very roomy which differentiates it from other pubs in Bangalore. There is also a very popular bar on top of the stairs .The pub has also a TV. The bar offers various types of drinks to its visitors.

The 180 Proof, Bangalore has a courtyard .You can find stylish tables out here. A bar counter is also located in its courtyard .This place is calm as it is away from the music area. Some cuisines are also offered here .The food served over here is really very delicious.

180 Proof, Bangalore is the perfect place to have some fun and enjoyment.
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