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Bangalore Fairs and Festivals

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival BangaloreIf you want to see the cultural life of Bangalore, make sure to be in the city when its numerous fairs and festivals are celebrated.

What to Wear in Bangalore

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city, with no dress codes as such. Indian salwar-kameez is worn with as much as élan as any western wear.

Bangalore Tipping Guidelines

Giving tips has become like a fashion statement everywhere. The same holds true for tipping in Bangalore also. However, one needs to follow some rules while tipping in the Bangalore ...

Bangalore Holidays

The city of Bangalore lies in the southern part of India and all the festivals that are a part of South India are celebrated here also.

Bangalore Hospitals

Nobody knows what is going to happen in the future and we should always be prepared for the worst. So, whether you are going to Bangalore or any other city, it is better to have the addresses of the major ...

Best Time to Visit Bangalore

One of the biggest cities of India, Bangalore experiences a moderate climate throughout the year.

Money Exchange in Bangalore

The currency of Bangalore is same as that of any other city in India i.e., rupees (Rs.).

Auditoriums in Bangalore

The cultural side of Bangalore is reflected in the numerous auditoriums that have been set up in the city.

Bangalore Art Galleries

The art lovers visiting the Garden City of India need not despair. There are numerous art galleries in Bangalore that showcase beautiful pieces of art.

Bangalore Cinema Halls

Bangalore Cinema HallsOne of the popular means of entertainment in Bangalore comprises of the numerous movie theaters and multiplexes dotting the city.
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